Escape 9 to 5 job

There is another way to make a living, rather than a 9 to 5 job, and I’m here to bring you good news and let you know that you don’t have to do the job that you do not enjoy, you can escape 9 to 5 job.

Many people wake up on a daily basis, realizing that the 9 to 5 job they used to love and felt really passionate about is no longer their dream, this is not what gets them out of bed. It is because the 9 to 5 is more like 8 to 7 or 8 to 8 as they have to commute to their workplace and ofter they get asked to do extra work after their normal hours. They also end up working over the weekend and public holiday, leaving little to none free time for them to enjoy what they truly want in their life. Their family, friends, hobbies, and health. All the important elements in their life. They feel they get trapped in prison – in their own life.

Escape 9 to 5 – How to do it?

If you seriously thinking about leaving your job and start a new life, then I may be able to help you. Be warned that this is not a get rich quick scheme nor you will be able to change your life in 2 weeks. There is no quick fix and everything comes at a price – in terms of hard work, determination, and consistency. The really good news is that there is no formal qualification or existing skill required to do this job. People from all backgrounds, age and technical skills (none!) has managed to succeed and changed their life forever. For them escape 9 to 5 job is no longer a dream, it is the reality.

The best way to summarise this is:

  • You need to have a clear goal in your head – what do you want to achieve
  • You  have to put hard work in on a daily basis
  • You have to have an open mind and willing to learn new skills.
  • The rest will be provided and done for you, including training, support and endless possibility of earnings.

If you are ready to make the next step and wish to sign up to complimentary, 7 days video tutorial, click the banner underneath and leave your email details.

To your success,

Karoly Molnar

5 reasons why everyone needs a Mentor

In these days, everyone needs help in finding a direction in life. One of the best ways to do so is to find a trusted mentor. But why is do we need a mentor?

1. Mentors will help you find your way
If you are unsure on where to go in your life and you are just live your life, day-by-day without any real purpose – just like I did before finding this great online mentorship programme – things can get really frustrating. I know as I’ve been there. Having a mentor who helps you to define your goals and help you achieve it.

2. They are there to support you
No matter what obstacles you found or how hard things get, they are there to hold your hand. They encourage you, guide you and make you accountable for your action. They do not judge you if you fail at first or at the second time, they just give you a pat on the back and ask you to do it again. You can always count on them and ask any question no matter how stupid you may think it is.

3. They have been there where you want to go and they help you get there.
Your mentors do not just talk the talk – they walk the walk. As there have been there exactly as you are just there. Unlike in the primary or secondary school where most teachers have never worked in their subject as an entrepreneur, your mentor has and he knows what it takes to succeed. He can share his experience through real-life examples not just some fluffy story of a book.

4. They are human beings – just like you
As stupid as it sounds, your mentor is living organism with feelings just like you. They are not superheroes – well, most of them 🙂 – with some superpower that only the chosen ones have. They are not X men. Their struggle and their vulnerability are real. They do also have bad days and yes, they did make terrible decisions in their life. But who has not? So, what? A bad decision is not a problem. Repeated, the same bad decision is the real problem.

5. They are coachable and teachable – you both learn from each other.
Your mentor will learn just as much from you then you learn from them. Why? Because the journey you going trough transforms you and your relationships. It will bring the best out of you. And so it will from your mentor. You have more great skills than you ever imagined. You will influence the people around you – and that is the most powerful thing in your journey.

This is where it all begins…

The difficulty of getting started

Every journey start with a single step

brave one walking on the road
The brave one takes the leap into the unknown

Here it is, my first blog post.

The fear and anxiety before hitting the keyboard, after days and days of procrastination.  Not knowing what is coming out next.  But you just do it. Like Nike says. It works for them so why not work for me? Or my other favourite is: “Every journey starts with a single step” – Lao Tze. Making the first step is the hardest thing what you can do.

The truth is that I’ve always had a desire – deep down, well hidden – to blog. I found it as a fascinating way to express feelings, opinion and information. Just never thought I’d be good at it. That voice in my head kept saying: “no, you can not seriously think that you can do this. You were not good at it as school, you had bad feedback (only once!) at work, therefore you can not be good at it!”

And for a long time, I believe that. What a big, fat lie!

Practice makes perfect

You only as good at something as your practice was. You keep trying, keep failing, until you master it. Walk, speak, swim and drive a car – none of us was born to be perfect at any of that. In fact, we failed many-many times, before we finally mastered it and from that point, our unconscious has taken it over and we just do it. Naturally, without even thinking about it for a minute.

So where do I wanted to go with that?

Learning a new thing – a skill,  a language or even a hobby –  is a great way of self-discovery and a fear of failure should never ever discourage us not to try it. By trying, you would definitely encounter a barrier or a problem which may seem like a failure. However, you just discovered the way how not to do and next time, you will change your approach and do it differently. Learn, fail, adjust and try again. Simple, isn’t it?

The importance of making mistakes

wrong exit makes the right one
Taking the wrong exit makes the right one

We learn new things every day, without even noticing it. It just happens and we register it and next time we do it as a routine. For example, last week driving home from work,  I’ve turned a “wrong way” at the roundabout. I didn’t pay attention as I was listening to the radio and the next minute I came out at the wrong exit. As it was a busy road with no side street,  it was impossible to make a U-turn. I’ve ended up driving on that road which has eventually lead me to a familiar area, from where I know exactly the way back home.  I ended up avoiding the heavy traffic in my area and cut my journey time by 15 mins!

No surprise, from the next day, I started to take that way every single day. Had I not made that mistake at the roundabout – or that “failure” – I’d have never known that there is a shorter road and I’d be still going the old, usual way routinely.

Isn’t it the same in any other areas in our lives that we just keep doing what we know well and trust, therefore, we won’t run any risk of failure?

Writing a blog is not rocket science. nor brain surgery. You just grab that keyboard and start typing. And the word just flying out and appear on the paper.

As every journey starts with a little step. The most difficult one.