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Hello, my name is Karoly and I am a professional online entrepreneur. I am 35 years old and I live in a southern part of Malta – which is a tiny island on the Mediterranean sea. Actually, it so tiny that you can drive from one side to another in 40 minutes. I also have a family, my wife, Ramona anwell-behaving boys 🙂 boys – Milan 2 and Maxim 3 and half years old.

My passion is to help people to overcome their fears and truly unlock their potential. I love to learn new skills and take on challenges so it pushes me to the absolute limit. Many of my close friend and colleagues feel that they are trapped in their ordinary 9-5 (or 8-7) job with no real purpose and an end goal. They hate their jobs, their bosses, their colleagues and all they looking forward to is their paycheck at the end of the month and their bonus to pay for their next vacation or for their new car.

Honestly, I was exactly the same for a long time. I am originally from Hungary and as soon as I finished my studies – never graduated – I went to live in the UK. Because this is where you make a big money, right? Well, this is what I thought. It was around the time when the large influx of Eastern European workers headed in the direction of the United Kingdom and Ireland. As it was the dreamland.

I did quite well, starting a low paid jobs – cleaner, warehouse assistant – to carry on as a Customer Service Advisor and lately, as a Business Analyst. To cut a long story short, after spending nearly 10 years in a Corporate world I’ve learned that I will never get out of the rat-race by simply climbing the old-fashioned corporate ladder. I knew something this had to change but I did not know how?

Further to the above, my health issue – I’ve developed seasonal asthma in the cold and damp houses I’ve lived in – forced me to move out from the country to warmer and drier climate. That’s how I ended up living in Malta. I took redundancy from my job, packed my family and my life, almost emptied my whole bank account and moved “down south”. And for sure I do not want to carry on where I’ve left off in the UK where I work endless hours with no meaning.

One day, as I was surfing the internet and listened to Tony Robbin’s motivational speech, an ad came up. I’ve seen the beginning of that ad many times and subsequently skipped it, but this time, I took the time to watch it to the end. It was a message from a digital entrepreneur who talked about people working in an old fashion way by exchanging their time to money. And there is a better way of doing this. Well, haven’t we heard it all before? All those secret millionaires who make a fortune on the internet and flashing their cars and their yachts and telling you that they know the secret?

This guy was different. Emil (as this was his name) seemed real. Genuine. Authentic. There was something in his persona that combined with his Nordic type English accent that made me instantly resonated with him. He was straight, no BS, not pushy and genuinely looked helpful. I do not know why but I wanted more. More of what he knows and does. And this is how I found SFM.

I did my deep research on the internet and after clarifying some key concerns with my referral partner,  I’ve finally made that leap of faith and joined this brilliant community. The leaders are absolutely fantastic, motivational and really approachable. Any question, doubt or problem I have there is always someone in the community who is willing to help. The technical support team is also fantastic and very quick in answering any issues.